fine silver salad bowls


These bowls are from my silversmithing range; I use hammers and mallets to add surface texture and decoration to the pieces, and acid to take the silver surface back to its natural white state. The vessels are constructed to be free standing and off centre, giving them a fluid natural quality.

Hand raised from a flat sheet of fine silver these stunning bowls are lightly textured with soft mallet marks, and finished off with a shimmering bright burnished edge, fine silver is a beautiful metal, with purifying qualities, ideal for use with food.

fine silver, 150mm x 90mm and 180mm x 110mm.


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All of my silversmithing work is made to order, if you wish to discuss having a piece of silversmithing commissioned, whether it be something you have seen here or something new I am happy to provide sketches, drawings and quotes, please do contact me to discuss ideas and possibilities.


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