About Shimara


Born in a remote coastal area in West Cork, Southern Ireland, Shimara now lives in Melbourne, Australia, and works from her beautiful garden studio. Having this wonderful space at home allows her to create her jewellery and silverware while also being close to her young family.

Her work is and always has been inspired by nature and natural forms. A childhood spent by the wild Atlantic ocean nurtured Shimara’s fascination for collecting shells, stones, mermaid’s purses, feathers and seed pods found along the sea shore. These found treasures provided her inspiration and she now uses intricately textured silver and 18ct gold, gum nuts and precious stones to create beautiful, tactile jewellery and stunning silverware.

Shimara loves the opportunity to work with clients, designing special pieces of jewellery or silversmithing. So if you would like to have a new design created just for you – whether it’s for a special occasion, a special person, or incorporating something with sentimental value – you can contact Shimara to discuss your ideas or to make an appointment to visit the studio.


Artist’s Biography


Shimara Carlow completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Jewellery and Silversmithing) at Glasgow School of Art in 2001. She then undertook a two year silversmithing and jewellery residency at the P&O Makower Trust Workshops at Bishopsland, Oxfordshire.

After establishing her career in London, with numerous national and international exhibitions, including The V&A (London), Saatchi Gallery (London), Aaron Faber Gallery (New York), and Alternatives Gallery (Rome), Shimara moved to Melbourne in 2008, where she set up a studio.

Shimara now has numerous collections throughout Australia and continues to exhibit her work extensively in Europe.


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